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Office Space Seattle Small Businesses Can Use To Help Grow

January 20, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Office space Seattle small businesses can use to help them grow can be hard to come by.  With the expansion of virtual office space though, you can reap the benefits of an office without the big expense.

Renting out office space for your own business can mean that you are going to be getting a lot of benefits that can really help your business grow.  When you are thinking about ways to make yourself more productive for the overall business, then you should really consider renting out an office for yourself.  Studies have revealed that workers who go to an office rather than working from home get more done during the day.  They are able to be far more productive and they are also able to concentrate in a much more effective manner so that they can get things done.  The fact of the matter is that it is just like going to a library to study.  You can study anywhere, but if you are somewhere where you do not have any distractions such as a library, then you are going to have to keep your head in the book at all times.  That gets us to the next real big benefit of having something such as your own office space, you are able to really cut down on the distractions that would be present if you were home.  This could include television, kids, pets, and everything else that comes with being home.

Office space from can really give you a lot of growth opportunities.  Office space Los Angeles businesses go for can be pricey, the same goes for office space Irvine businesses try to obtain.  Virtual offices can be a great asset.


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Diecast Display Cases Will Keep Your Action Figures Looking Fantastic

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Collections of action figures are something that is often a huge hobby among many people in the United Statesand around the world.  Let us face the facts, it is very enjoyable to take part in a hobby such as collecting these figures, but it is quite difficult to maintain them once you have them in your collection.  When you have a collection and you have spent all of this money trying to put the collection together, what you want to do is to display it in such a way that it is truly impressive.  Utilizing diecast display cases can help you achieve this goal.

Displaying your collection is a big challenge due to the fact that you want the collection to look very impressive, but at the same time you also want to be sure that the collection is being protected from dust and things of that nature.  It is a real give and take here as you want the display to be perfect while maintaining the safety and security of your assets.  When you are dealing with action figures, you may want to look into display cases to allow yourself to really show them off in ways you never thought you could.

Choosing to go with plastic boxes for your collection could be a very good path if you want to be able to stack them and show them on a counter.  Companies have specialized in these types of collectible display boxes, as well as other plastic products including basic home goods such as a plate with glass holder made out of plastic.

Wireless Credit Processing Is Making Waves In Business World

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Wireless credit card processing is really starting to catch on with people who run businesses on the go.  Technology has now advanced to the point where you are able to process credit cards without even being tied to a wired connection such as a telephone line or an Internet line.

Credit card processing can be a great way to really help your business grow.  Let us look at the example of the small business owner who was in the business of creating crafts and going around to various craft fairs to sell the products.  The problem that the sales person was running into was at the craft fairs many people were trying to buy products with credit and debit cards, and they were unable to accept them.  Once they signed up for a credit card merchant account though things changed.  Now, they were able to sell far more products at the fairs than they ever thought possible due to the fact that they could accept payment with plastic, including credit and debit cards.  This was wildly important to their business and in turn led to increases in sales and increases in the overall growth of the business in terms of profit dollars.

This type of merchant services is really catching on with the help of companies as they are helping companies be able to take part in processing credit cards online with great ease and security.

How to Fight Chargebacks

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Chargebacks — a business owner’s nightmare. A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a sales transaction on their credit card bill and the amount is then “charged back” to the merchant. There are many reasons why a chargeback might occur, such as a returned item or an incorrect order.

However, there are other causes of chargebacks you should be aware of: you might have forgotten to secure an authorization for the payment; the receipt might have been unsigned; you might have failed to get a card imprint; or you might have accepted an expired card. Whatever the reason for the chargeback, it could end in your loss.

But there is a way to fight chargebacks and avoid loss. One of the best ways to protect yourself against chargebacks and other types of loss is to purchase chargeback protection through SolidTrustPay. This type of protection will identify red-flag transactions and avoid certain credit card numbers.  SolidTrustPay offers this service through its Corporate Upgrade account for merchants. This affordable upgrade also comes with many other benefits, including a free virtual terminal for manual card online payment processing.

Another way to fight a chargeback is to send the transaction back to SolidTrustPay and charge the amount of the disputed sale one more time. SolidTrustPay will then research the transaction to see if the chargeback is valid. If it is approved, the money will be given to the merchant, or business owner.