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How to Find a Quality Merchant Account Provider

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Online payment processing is a booming industry, with merchant account providers popping up all over the place. If you’re on the hunt for a new merchant account provider, it might seem easy to find one that promises the services and products you’re looking for. However, not all merchant account providers are equal. In fact, many have hefty and often hidden credit card processing fees that leave companies strapped for cash. Before you go with just any company, make sure to research the following features:

Fees: Applying for merchant accounts shouldn’t cost you a penny, yet there are countless companies in the industry that charge to process applications. Don’t fall into this trap or pay more than you have to. Find a merchant account provider with a free application fee — yes, free.

While you’re researching fees, it’s also important to ask about setup fees and cancellation fees. You shouldn’t have to pay for the company to setup a product or service you paid for. If you can find a company that waves these charges, you’ve found a goldmine. Finally, and most importantly, check the company’s credit card processing fees. Find how much they charge for credit card processing online, face-to-face, and over the phone.

Customer and technical support: While most credit card software and equipment are fairly easy to use, from time to time you might need access to technical support. Find a company that offers free customer and technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about how to find a quality merchant account provider.

Short Term Office Space With A Short Term Lease

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Short term office space can be used for a variety of reasons such as meetings, small parties, conferences and seminars. This type of office space usually comes with a short term lease that is anywhere from six months to a year. You can find short term space in your area by searching online. The price range varies for this type of space and mostly depends on the length of time it is rented for.


There are many reasons why short term space is needed such as for traveling salesmen, temporary workers, and clients and customers that are from out of state or out of the country. Most spaces are already equipped with wireless, and all the major office equipment such as faxes and copiers. Some office spaces have a staff such as a secretary and receptionist to take calls and perform a variety of administrative duties.


You can find business meeting rooms and meeting rooms for rent at Premier Business Centers. They have meeting rooms and conference room for rent or short term lease available. Just check out the site today to find the space that is right for your business. Most locations today have office space and meeting rooms for rent. If you are considering renting this type of space and want to know if it is available in your area all you need to do is search online. Be sure to check out a few sites to find the one that best suits your needs and at a price you can afford.


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Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer Online

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When searching for a criminal defense lawyer the easiest way to find one is online. You can find any type of lawyer you need in any city or state even in your local area quickly and conveniently online. Many attorneys have branch offices in local areas to make it more convenient for their clients. Most of the time, if it’s a big case the client must go to the main office for consultation visits. This is mainly due to the attorney having easier access to files and documents they need for the case. Most attorney’s also have paralegals that do most of the leg work on a case and assist the attorney in handling some of the office visits by clients.

Paralegals are close to being attorney’s except they have not continued their education to receive their law degree. Many paralegals work while they are going to law school to get their law degree. Many times attorney’s will have a paralegal contact their clients when it comes to questions about their case or for routine tasks such as signing documents.

When searching for a lawyer, check out Daniel Kay, Attorney At Law. He specializes in various fields of law. If you are an Illinois resident and are searching for a criminal defense attorney Illinois be sure you choose one that is experienced in handling drunk driving cases and is a DUI defense attorney. In most drunk driving cases the offender receives a sentence. Whether they serve time or not depends on the severity of the crime but in all cases the offender has their driver’s license suspended.

Buy Quality Ice Cream Supplies Online

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You can find ice cream supplies at a variety of different places including discount retail outlets, retail stores, confectionary stores and a variety of other locations. There are all types of supplies for both commercial and residential use such as spoons, scoopers, dishes, cones, napkins and cups. Whatever you need for ice cream you can find online.

Ice cream has been the nation’s most favorite treat for centuries. There are all types of ice cream treats including ice cream cones, ice cream bars, sundaes and even milk shakes. There are thousands of ice cream shops and retail chain ice cream stores across the nation with some having over 31 flavors of ice cream.

If you are looking for colored plastic spoons or gelato supplies look no further than They have an extensive inventory of any type of ice cream accessories you need. Browse their site today and see what you can find. When you search online you can find a wide variety of supplies for ice cream at a wide variety of websites. You can either buy the items separately or in bulk depending on your preference. You can even buy ice cream sets for home use that include dishes for banana splits, a scooper and even sprinkles. You can even browse different sites that sell furniture for ice cream which includes a table, chairs and an umbrella in ice cream colors and  brand names of different ice cream products. The tables are usually plastic or glass and the chairs are usually wrought iron or plastic.

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