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Make Hosting Your Parties Easy

October 30, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Are you having a few friends over? Is it time for your Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving or whatever kind of party? Having friends and family over is a very enjoyable activity. However, being a party host does come with its own set of headaches. Looking for the perfect caterer, getting nice décor and picking your playlist can be a chore. On top of that, cleaning up the mess left behind after is another problem that needs to be dealt with.

One way you can reduce the amount of effort you have to put in for preparation and cleanup is by utilizing disposable utensils and serving dishes such as plastic cups, plates, serving trays and candy trays. By doing so, you not only reduce your effort in cleaning up glassware after the party, you also reduce the risk of breakage; which can get pretty expensive if you hold a particularly wild party.

Plastic packaging and utensils are just more practical if you think about it. Imagine this, it is Halloween and you want to give the kids of the neighborhood a night of fun and enjoyment. You want to make some homemade candy to give out. By getting plastic candy packaging you can distribute your candies easily and efficiently without risking your precious glassware.

If you are worried about the environmental impact of plastic though, fret not because modern plastic production is designed to be safe and environmentally friendly. They even make oxo-biodegradeable plastics now!

Streamlining Your Company’s Software with EDI Services

October 14, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Modern companies need to constantly take advantage of modern technology or risk becoming a company of the past. EDI software is a great example of this. Electronic Data Interchange is software that essentially allows two or more computer programs to speak with each other via a shared document. So, for example, Walmart EDI would help the huge corporation monitor products that are bought from the producing company, then track them as they are shipped to their appropriate destinations, then follow their shelf life until they are purchased. Without the use of these EDI services, Walmart would experience stilted communication that was wide open for user error.

Besides the obvious time and money this would save, Electronic Data Interchange software also lends a huge advantage to a user over their competition. Imagine the above Walmart example playing out for a company without EDI software. They might have to use several programs independent of one another. They would then need additional personnel to staff that software and ensure mistakes aren’t in the gaps. The risk for user error would be high, as would the costs of staffing this kind of arrangement.

Electronic Data Interchange puts all that in the past. Companies can rest assured their software minimizes user error. One of the main ways it does this, of course, is by minimizing users. Your company can save money from fewer errors and from having to pay less people.


Article submitted by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA.  This company developsamazingEDI Servicesthat can help streamline any company’s software communication.