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January 22, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Before approving a tenant for your rental property, it is wise to have a tenant credit check performed. A tenant credit check reduces the risk of entering into a contract with a troublesome or potentially dangerous tenant. Doing a credit check on an applicant requires that they first complete a rental application, which should contain a release asking for permission to run the credit check. Such a release is required by federal law before running a tenant credit check. The expense of the credit check is usually passed along to the tenant in the form of an application fee.

Every employer takes a risk with a new hire, and for the small business person, the risk can be especially great. In a small or medium sized business, people have a close working relationship  and employers, often place a great trust in their employees, giving them access to property and sensitive information. This is why a criminal record search is so very important. The welfare of your business, your clients, and your other employees is too vital to place at risk. Before entrusting a new hire with these things, a criminal background check is prudent, to say the least.

The ease  and speed with which an online background check  is performed is  remarkable. Criminal record searches go through state and federal databases and return results in a matter of seconds. Also, the information in these databases is updated frequently so you can be quite confident that you are obtaining reliable information.