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Sights to See When in Miami

January 24, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

There are a number of reasons you should take a trip out to Miami if you’ve never been and still plenty even if you already have. Properties in Miami attract many people looking for a change of location. But while you may be considering what to buy in Miami, dedicate some time to thinking about all the sights to see as well.

No list about the places to see in Miami would be complete without mentioning Little Havana. The section pays homage to the Cuban influence that is part of Miami’s essential essence. Little Havana has art galleries, awesome shopping and, of course, amazing food.

For a completely different side of Miami, check on Jungle Island. There you’ll find a veritable safari to enjoy complete with monkeys and wild birds. You can even see a real live liger or twin orangutans. You’ll definitely walk away with your fair share of memories from visiting Jungle Island.

Another place that will give your eyes plenty of exercise is the Miami Science Museum. Not only is there plenty of science to learn about, but you’ll get an opportunity with more wildlife as well. The museum features rare reptiles and birds of prey. It also has an amazing planetarium that features a laser light show you can catch the first Friday of every month.

Miami is more than just amazing beaches. Keep this in mind the next time you plan a trip.


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