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It Sure Is Sweet

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Candies have become a crucial part of everybody’s life at least at one point in their childhood. We all remember that sweet or sour or tangy flavor exploding in our mouth and for those short moments, we were in heaven. One thing that always gets neglected about candies is the wrapper that it comes in, either wrapped in paper, in a blister pack, wrapped in foil or even in plastic packs. We never really cared about these things so long as the candy itself tastes the same. To these candy manufacturers however, their packaging makes all the difference.

Candy manufacturers produce tons of candies every day, and their choice of packaging dictates how much money they will make at the end of the whole project, it is no question as to why they would often opt for the cheaper alternative. In recent years however, manufacturers have been shifting to more sustainable packaging like the use of candy trays instead of individually wrapped candies. This would reduce the volume of waste and the negative impacts on the environment as the candy trays can often be reused for other purposes, unlike its disposable predecessor.

Your company can benefit from this stride too, albeit not directly. By reducing the waste, you reduce the impact on the environment and you are contributing to the brighter future of both your company and the society from whom you make your profits from. It is your way of giving back to the community and it sure is sweet.

EDI Like it

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When setting up shop in multiple locations, nothing can be quite as hassling as managing inventory and tracking sales. From multiple location inventory management, to stock and sales consolidation, no task is quite as harrowing as managing a business from multiple locations. Granted with the eve of modern mobile telecommunications, the ability and speed of intercontinental contact have been made much much simpler, the actual task of consolidation many inventory and sales log into a main, centralized location  is still as taxing as ever.

You, however can benefit greatly from a centralized data center service, otherwise known as edi services. With the help of your own edi service bureau controlling and overseeing a multi-locational stock and inventory can be as easy as logging into your e-mail. With the power of edi services the task of inventory consolidation and updating as well as sales tracking can be done remotely from anywhere in your supply chain. With a properly set-up edi services system, the management of your remote stock is as easy as checking the live data coming in from your branches. EDI is simple, it helps track the items in your inventory as they go along, from stocking to sales, EDI can simplify the immense chore of tracking down remote inventories. Be smart about your own inventory management, be quick to update sales records and performance reports with the use of an edi service bureau approved EDI system and spend more time boosting sales, rather than tracking them.


Article submitted by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA, a trusted edi service provider.