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Top Reasons to Accept Credit Cards Online

February 18, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

If you have a presence on the web, you can take advantage of the space to accept credit cards online. But surprisingly many companies don’t provide this service. Why? For many business owners, credit card processing rates are simply too high. For others, getting setup to accept payments on the web is a complicated process, one that they don’t have time for.  Whether you own an ecommerce website or a brick-and-mortar shop, it’s important to accept credit cards online via your website. If you’re not convinced, here are the top two reasons to accept credit cards online.

It Boosts Sales

Perhaps the most important reason to accept credit cards on the web is a boost in sales. With online payment processing software, you’re almost guaranteed to increase your cash flow. In fact, accepting credit cards online has been shown to increase sales by a whopping 50 to 500 percent. Who doesn’t want an increase in sales? If your business isn’t doing so hot, consider accepting credit cards online.

It’s Convenient

Online credit card services are convenient for the consumer as well as the business owner. When it comes to the consumer, it doesn’t get easier than paying with plastic. A credit card is still the preferred payment method for most consumers because it’s easy, fast, and convenient. Even if they can’t afford it, they can buy a product with a credit card.

But accepting credit cards online is also convenient for the business owner. With the ability to accept credit cards, you no longer have to worry about bounce checks and your funds are FDIC insured.