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The Basics of Accepting Online Payments

April 26, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the needs that will become more apparent as your business grows and scales is a payment processor allowing you to work online. Lots of small businesses who begin selling to a local base of customers eventually branch out to an online business. This brief guide will breakdown some important concepts to keep in mind as you look for a quality merchant service to work with.


Your customer may not be from your city, your state or even your country. Whatever merchant credit card processing you decide on, you should be able to do business with people from anywhere. That might mean converting currencies, or accepting many types of credit card. Shop around to see which services offer good rates, and a strong support base too.

Bear in mind, merchant accounts offer competitive rates and may be willing to work with you on your specific circumstances.

Other Flags

Try and read the contract carefully in case you encounter special volume discounts, or interchange fees. The contract will break down exactly how much you pay to process transactions. Choosing between a flat or interchange fee comes down to how much business you do. Flat fee is great for businesses who want to launch a new store without getting locked into a contract. Interchange is a strong long term option.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you pay attention to customer support. The last thing you want is your account to go down on a busy sales day, without any help to bring it back online.

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